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Double Horse Jaggery Powder

We all love our little dose of sweetness a minimum of once in a very while, but this craving is often in the middle of the fear of ill-health. Indeed, it’s advisable to remain faraway from sugar – completely if possible – because its drawbacks outweigh its possible benefits (if any). But, still once you feel the requirement to consume something sweet, don’t suppress the need completely instead try a healthier alternative like jaggery.
Jaggery is a wonderful and naturally healthy sweetener. made up of the sap of plants (usually some sorts of palm or sugarcane) that contain an honest quantity of sucrose, it’s golden brown in colour and encompasses a distinct taste unlike the plain sweetness of sugar. It will be stored within the variety of blocks or powder, which may then be mixed into the dish being prepared. Jaggery may be wont to make sweets.
  1. Healthy source of carbohydrates
  2. Boon to the digestive system
  3. Storehouse of minerals
  4. Purifier and cleanser
  5. Rich in antioxidants
  6. Anti-allergen

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