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Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills cookies broing together the tempting aroma of coffee and the irresistible allure of choco crème. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills is a coffee flavoured variant of the original Dark Fantasy cookies. Bite into one and allow the subtle yet captivating twist of coffee in this delightful chocolate crème filled cookie take over your senses.

Key Information:

  • Main Ingredients: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills are made up of a crumbly outer shell, containing a luscious coffee and molten chocolate crème on the inside.
  • Suitable For: Everyone who likes to feast on delightful and premium cookies will tremendously enjoy the goodness of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills. If you are fond of chocolate and coffee, the delicately balanced flavours of this cookie will take your breath away.
  • Usage: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills cookies are an ideal option for a sweet snack at any time of the day. These cookies can be served during tea-time or with a variety of other beverages such as cappuccinos, milkshakes, and more. You can also use Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills to prepare home-made desserts and other sweet items.
  • Quantity: This pack of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills weighs 75g. This is the right quantity for an individual to enjoy by themselves, or share it with a loved one.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills elevates our moments of indulgence to the next level. The perfect blend of cocoa and coffee crème allows your senses to be engulfed with deliciousness. Every bite of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills brings you the best of both worlds. Chocolate and coffee flavours have always complemented each other very well. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills combines the right texture and flavours to create the most mesmerizing experience for consumers everywhere.

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